Maximum Sports Conditioning is SO much more than a gym, it's an elite training facility

Injury Prevention Screening

At MaxSC we stress the importance of durability and staying healthy throughout your competitive season and have instituted a program called Athletic Injury Screening.

Goal Specific Training

Our goal specific training program allows anyone who is looking to improve their physical condition, rehab and strength train safely while injured, or train for a non-competitive sport. We tailor everyone's program to specific need and can address ANY particular concern within the workout.

Sport Specific Training

At MaxSC we never group athletes by their sport or age. We create individualized programs for each athlete on a daily basis. This is the best way to address goal specific needs for each athlete. Programs are updated continually as the athlete accomplishes and exceeds their goals.

Maximum Sports Conditioning  is made up of caring, committed and well qualified trainers,  admin and marketing staff, all with one goal in mind, making your experience nothing less than spectacular.

Our trainers strive to have a constructive, positive and strong impact on the athletes and their families lives, by creating a one of a kind, memorable fitness and/or training experience at MaxSC.

We will always deliver the most effective fitness possible to our members through fun, professional, and challenging semi-private sessions.

The RESULTS we help our clients produce, establish us as an exclusive and respected training facility in WA state.

Our vision is to continue to raise the bar of athletic training, injury prevention


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