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Address: 13415 SE 30th Street, Bellevue, WA 98005    
Hours- 8am-7:00pm

We have moved all training to outside in order to comply with social distancing recommendations. We strongly urge everyone to continue with their exercise and training schedules- it is food for the mind, body and soul. Call the office at 425-641-4310 or email for more information.

Maximum Sports Conditioning is SO much more than a gym, it's an elite training facility

Injury Prevention Screening

At MaxSC we stress the importance of injury prevention. Don't risk being sidelined! Come in for a quick and effective injury screening.

Injury screens are not just for athletes, they are for anybody struggling with a nagging ache or pain that is impacting their quality of life.

Goal Specific Training

Our goal specific training program allows anyone who is looking to improve their physical condition, speed, flexibility, mobility, and/or strength.

Sport Specific Training

At MaxSC each athlete has a specific program built for their needs. Our individualized programs account for sport, position, age, ability, and goals. We continually update each athlete's training plan as they progress. Each training program is sport-specific.

Maximum Sports Conditioning is made up of caring, committed and well educated trainers with one goal in mind- exceeding your expectations. 

Our trainers strive to have a constructive, positive and strong impact on their athletes, by creating a one-of-a-kind training experience at MaxSC. Your goals are OUR goals too.

We always deliver the most effective training possible to our members through fun, professional, and challenging semi-private sessions. We believe in the “community” aspect of owning a business, which is why we host exciting events, contests, BBQs, clinics, camps, and fundraisers.

Our vision is to continue to raise the bar of athletic training, injury prevention, and overall conditioning. 

Take some time to navigate the site, read about our various sport-specific programs, watch our YouTube videos, and learn what makes MaxSC the top training facility in W. WA. 


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