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More ways you can help Australia with rescue and recovery efforts.

Koala Hospital -Donate or Adopt a Koala for $40

Your adoption helps with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas and release back to their home range where possible.  Your adoption also assists with the conservation and expansion of habitat, collection of information for research relating to habitat, disease, nutrition and habits of wild koalas.  It also helps to provide educational material to increase public awareness of all aspects of the koala. The organization said it plans to use any extra funds to buy more drinking fountains, purchase a fire-fighting water vehicle to replenish the water stations, support koala re-integration and develop a breeding program.

Overseas adoptions are $70 per year which includes postage.  eAdoptions are $40 per year.

You have a choice of 18 Koalas which are available for adoption.  We have 8 exhibit koalas who live permanently at the Koala Hospital.  If you want to adopt a koala you can visit at the Koala Hospital you can choose from the eight exhibit koalas:

Eight Exhibit koalas who reside permanently at the Koala Hospital  – Barrington Xavier, Byabarra Jones, Emerald Downs Mary, Guyra Allen, Lismore Myrtle, Lismore Rose, Ocean Summer and Zenani

Two Burns Victims from the recent Fires – LINR (Lake Innes Nature Reserve) Anwen and LINR Paul – These two koalas were the first to be rescued from the firegrounds at Lake Innes Nature Reserve.

Visit their Fb page..

More places to donate to help the animals:

WIRES: The New South Wales-based Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc., Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization, is accepting donations to fund the rescue and care of animals affected by the fires. In December, WIRES received more than 20,000 calls and volunteers attended more than 3,300 rescues, according to the organization’s website. All animal rescuers are volunteers. Learn more at

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital: Bindi Irwin, the daughter of famed wildlife conservationist and “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, has been taking in many displaced animals at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which is owned by her mother, Terri. The Queensland hospital is “busier than ever,” Irwin said in an Instagram post. The zoo’s Wildlife Warriors program is raising money for new enclosures to house flying foxes and koalas injured or displaced by fires. Donate at

Wildlife Victoria: A nonprofit that provides wildlife emergency response services, Wildlife Victoria is accepting donations to distribute to wildlife shelters to help rebuild enclosures and equipment, the organization says on its website. Donate at

Zoos Victoria:  A nonprofit conservation organization of three zoos in this Australian state, Zoos Victoria is collecting donations to fund emergency veterinary assistance and scientific intervention for affected animals. “What is required right now are funds to ensure we are best placed to deploy this assistance when the time comes,” the  organization’s website says. Learn more at

Donate to help local fire departments

In both Victoria and New South Wales, two of the states hardest hit by the blazes, you can donate directly to the state fire authority or to a local fire brigade, many of which are volunteer-based.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service has also set up bank accounts to collect donations for the families of volunteer firefighters who have been killed while on duty. Donate at

Be Careful Donating to Unknown GoFundMe Accounts and Charities.

There are more than 3,000 GoFundMe campaigns alone, but they might not all be legit. So, we’re going to show you how to choose a verified relief effort. Anyone can start a fundraiser for just about anything. GoFundMe guarantees that if you donate to a fraudulent campaign, you’re eligible for a refund. But we still want to make sure you know the red flags to look for. First, make sure to check how the campaign organizer is related to recipient. For example, we found several organizers raising money for a nonprofit, like the Australian Red Cross or Wildlife Information Rescue Education Services. Instead, donate directly to the nonprofit, cutting out the middle-man and avoiding any attempt of potential fraud. Next, look to see what the purpose of the campaign is, and a plan for how the funds will be used. Be wary of any photos that show gruesome or emotional photos, but offer no clear plan. Third, donors should check to see whether the recipient is in control of withdrawing the money. If there isn’t a clear path for the funds to reach those affected, you might want to rethink giving. If you see a charity you haven’t heard of, make sure it’s an official nonprofit before donating. Y You can search Australia’s charity database at or check
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