Maximum’s philosophy on training volleyball players stems from the sport-specific actions they need to build, and the tools that college coaches use to judge their ability and potential.  

    These are:


  • Ability to jump high
  • Ability to hit the ball hard
  • Ability to maintain arm swing mechanics
  • Ability to change direction quickly
  • Aggressiveness, energy and court presence
  • Ability to dive and get to the floor without fear


  • Leadership ability, court presence, enthusiasm & energy
  • Quick, soft hands
  • Ability to jump high
  • Ability to set with pinpoint accuracy


  • Ability to pass and serve
  • Ability to make quick, simple movements to the ball
  • Ability to react quickly in any direction
  • Ability to drop center and dig
  • Court presence and leadership
  • Ability to dive and get to the floor without fear

Based on these skills, volleyball players must develop joint stability and connective tissue strength (to support landing, hitting, and changing directions quickly), core strength and trunk stability (to support postural stability, dropping center of gravity, and ability to create torque and rotary speed), posterior chain strength and power (to develop jumping ability, postural stability, and frontal and sagittal quickness), reactive speed and quickness, and power endurance (to maintain jumping ability and quickness through the 5th game).   

Although each position has its unique demands, all volleyball players must improve these essential basic motor abilities.