Tips To The Top

From the most successful coaches, athletes, and strength coaches in the region

1. Commitment. Completely commit to your goals and make sure that your lifestyle choices are in line with those goals.

2. Approach your tasks with the expectation and the intent to succeed.

3. In order to win, you have to be better prepared than your opponent. Preparation wins championships.

4. You should be able to go to bed tonight knowing that you did everything in your power to improve today.

5. If you go to bed with unfinished things on your plate get up immediately and perform 50 reps of a mechanical drill.

6. Aggressiveness is a key factor in your success. There is no room for being timid, shy, or reserved. Take an aggressive approach to everything you do.

7. Turn everything into a competition. Successful athletes love to compete.

8. The sensation you get from the challenge of competition drives you to perform your best.

9. Seek perfection while training, then trust your training while competing.

10. The difference between good athletes and great ones, are that great athletes do things right ALL of the time, while good athletes do things right SOME of the time.

11. Never use injuries as an excuse for failure. Injuries should only be viewed to develop perseverance, dedication and determination, while overcoming them.

12. Name 3 characteristics of someone you admire. Would those characteristics be beneficial to you? If so, CHOOSE to make them a part of who you are.

13. Physical size is never a reason for setting your goals low.

14. If you’re someone who hasn’t been genetically gifted. you’ve got to be more aggressive, stronger, louder, more physical, a better teammate, a better student, and so on.

15. Character is what makes a great athlete. Stop worrying about things you can’t change and focus on the things you can.

16. Treat your obstacles as opportunities to learn and get stronger as you travel on the journey toward your goals.

17. Keep your mind focused on ONE goal while competing. There is no such thing as “clearing your mind completely.” The brain is always working and therefore your conscious thoughts have to go somewhere. If you can concentrate on one thing, it will help quiet your mind of distractions.

18. Stop talking about how you feel. How you feel is generally not important to whether or not you achieve an athletic goal.

19. The game must go on whether you feel great or not.

20. Get used to being uncomfortable when training to become your best. If you’re comfortable while preparing for your endeavor, your body probably isn’t adapting and improving.

21. Never sympathize with yourself or your teammates over a challenge or hardship. You can understand their tribulations and difficulties, but sympathy gets nothing but a loss of respect.

22. Want to reach the top – see yourself there and know that you can get there.

23. Perfect practice gets you to the top. You achieve what you practice.

24. Know that whatever you believe you can do you can achieve. Remember though it takes hard work.

25. Hard work isn’t enough. Hard work has to be coupled with the belief that you can succeed.

26. Decide what you want and go for it with everything you have.

27. The road to the top is full of obstacles. Successful people see these obstacles as challenges to make then stronger and to bring them closer to their goal.

28. No matter how hard the road – never give up. You don’t know when the next attempt will be a successful one.

29. As a young person Wilma Rudolph couldn’t walk. Do you know how many world track records she broke?

30. Physical limits are only obstacles to overcome. They don’t define who you are or who you will become.

31. In competition you have two choices: to win or to give up. Which one will you chose.

32. If you want it bad enough you will figure out a way to get it.

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