The great thing about working hard

Hello MaxSC Family!!

One of the great things about our facility here is the wealth of knowledge and experience among all of the coaches. Our co-owner, Margaret Savage is one of the most accomplished coaches in the Northwest Region. Her honors include the award for outstanding contribution to sport at Simon Fraser University; Inductee, British Columbia Swimming Coaches Hall of Fame; Honoree, Margaret & Paul Savage Pool, Simon Fraser University; NAIA National Swimming Coach of the Year, NAIA National Coaching Hall of Fame (first woman inductee); Inducted into the Simon Fraser University Athletics Hall of Fame. Including her coaching honors, she also has 10 gold medals in Olympic weightlifting, and 7 gold medals in powerlifting.

I asked her the most important piece of advice she would give an aspiring athlete and she said-

Prepare to work harder than you’ve ever imagined and no matter how hard it seems, never give up”

Working hard is a concept that we hear a lot, but means something different for all of us. Many times I see athletes who are working hard in their own eyes, but aren’t pushing as hard as they are capable. Other times athletes will push themselves extremely hard, but claim they could’ve done more.

All athletes have to determine what working hard is for them, but here are some questions to figure out if you’re giving the kind of effort that will take your game to the next level:

– How long can you sustain being physically uncomfortable? Do you quit when you’re completely exhausted?
– Are you the first to show up, and the last to leave?
– Do you set limits to the effort you will give before the task is asked of you?
– When a coach tells you to work on something, how many times do you practice it before you move on to something else?
– Are you a self starter? (someone who doesn’t need to be told what to do before working on it)

Ask yourself these questions and be prepared to answer them honestly. The great thing about working hard is that you can choose to do it immediately.

Love to hear anyone’s thoughts, experiences, and feedback!!

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