Maximum’s philosophy on training basketball swimmers stems from the sport-specific actions they need to develop, and the physical tools that college coaches use to judge their ability and potential.


  1. Ability to maintain stroke mechanics and technique
  2. Ability to maintain a neutral spine
  3. Ability to explode off the blocks
  4. Ability to explode off the wall
  5. Ability to maintain a powerful kick

Based on these skills, swimmers must develop a fundamental base of athleticism on dry land first and foremost.  Joint stability and connective tissue strength must be emphasized through the shoulder(to support and stabilize the rotator cuff, labrum, and biceps tendon), core and trunk strength (to support the spine while making fine motor adjustments to stroke mechanics), grip/forearm, and lat strength(for the catch and pull) posterior chain strength and power(to develop strength through glutes, hips, and legs).