Post Therapy – Pre Competition

Post Therapy – Pre Competition



Pre Competition, Post Physical Therapy Training Program

MaxSC and G4 Athlete have teamed up to introduce our specialized training service!  We’re looking for all athletes who have had an injury in the past, completed physical therapy, but aren’t quite ready to hit the court/field at 100%. We’ve put together a comprehensive program which is quick, effective and fills the gap between therapy and competition.  

Our first session will focus on lower extremity injuries, and deliver techniques which will assist the healing process while preparing for full speed competition.

The program includes 6 training sessions, alternating between G4 therapists and MaxSC strength coaches. There will be one session per week for 6 weeks.  All sessions will be on held at Maximum Sports Conditioning in Bellevue.

We will hold two separate sessions, one on Tuesdays at noon, and one on Thursdays at 6 pm. Our first session will begin on Tuesday, January 8th. We have a capacity of 6 athletes in each time slot.   


Program Specific Goals

  • Improve functional capacity, connective tissue strength, and overall quality of life
  • Reduce the potential of re-injuring area of concern
  • Provide guidance and information on how to stay healthy during transition into competition



$329 for the full 6 week program