Performing at Showcases

In a recent discussion I had with Adam Fenster (who coaches here at MaxSC and is also the Women’s Soccer Coach at Evergreen State College) we addressed the issue of performing at showcases. He used a story to bring up an interesting point-  

 At one showcase he attended to watch a player he found himself talking with the Head Women’s Soccer coach from the UW about players. He asked who she was there to watch and quickly learned that the player being recruited by the UW wasn’t even on his radar for Evergreen State. The UW was looking at this particular player for ONE skill that they had, which her team needed. 

 This is important for high school athletes (and parents of aspiring athletes) to note. It means that even if you’re struggling in some areas of your game, there may be other things that you do well that college coaches need.

 It is vital to remember to stay within yourself when performing at showcases and tournaments. Don’t try to do too much. I like to say “CHANGE who you are in practice, and then BE who you are in games.” 

 For PARENTS it’s always a good simple thing to say to your kids before games-  “just be yourself and let everything else go” 

 I’ve found that it helps take the pressure off and allows them to trust in their preparation.

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