MaxSC Nutrition


To excel in competitive sports, training is absolutely essential. Performance nutrition is crucial to training harder, longer and more efficiently. Without proper nutrient intake and balance, an athlete cannot sustain a high level of training or competition. At Maximum, we aim to insure that all of our athletes understand which nutrients are essential, how to implement them into their daily diets, and how to maintain their diets to promote a prolonged career.

We believe that each athlete’s nutritional needs are unique, but that there are some overarching similarities between the ways athletes need to fuel themselves. Our nutritional program is designed to meet those individual needs, while providing essential information that can be used to develop healthy diet plans.

We provide our athletes with a complete view of performance nutrition and wellness by combining services delivered by professionals. Our nutritional plans and philosophy comes from Emily Edison, MS. RD, the Sports Nutritionist from the University of Washington Athletic Department. Together with the staff of Maximum Sports Conditioning, Emily and her nutritional consulting business (Momentum 4 Health) unite performance nutrition with Maximum’s athletic development programs to help lay the foundation for competitive athletes.