Doing all of the little things right every day

It has been great having Brent George and G4 Sports Therapy in our facility! He is a brilliant mind and has an incredible ability to see the human body for the machine that it truly is. Brent and I were talking a couple of days ago about a few of our athletes and the topic of “doing all of the little things” came up.

 I have been working with high level athletes since 1999 and I can say beyond a doubt that the athletes who focus on doing all of the little things right every day, have the most success. I find that many times athletes are too focused on the big picture (winning the championship, earning a scholarship, or even earning a starting spot) and forget that the big things only happen after thousands of little things get done first. Tiny improvements in mechanics, strength, technique, speed, leadership, durability, awareness and many more are what lead to big things.

 It’s crucial for athletes to remember that there are NO SHORTCUTS to reaching their potential. Every little thing matters, and if a championship does come it will be the result of mindful, intentional preparation. 

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