Confidence or Success – Which comes First?

Hello MaxSC Family!!

There is an ongoing discussion amongst coaches of all sports which is centered around the question “which comes first, success or confidence?” Do athletes have success, and then due to that success, gain confidence or do they first become confident, then due to that confidence, become successful? My answer to that question is that confidence comes first.

Where does that confidence come from? It is generated through hours and hours of diligent practice.

During those hours of practice athletes are able to have what I call “mini-successes” in which they figure out techniques, adjustments, and movements that lead to confidence in their ability to improve. This confidence in turn helps to generate bigger successes in practice. These bigger successes lead to stronger performances during scrimmages and games. These strong performances build even more confidence and the cycle continues.

Confidence is an incredibly important part of athletic success and the easiest way to develop it is by focusing on improving tiny pieces of your game. One piece at a time.

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