Sachin McDonnell

sachin-mugshot Sachin McDonnell. B.S. Exercise Science. NSCA- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Sachin’s passion for athletics started at a young age. Growing up in Seattle Washington. Sachin participated in a multitude of sports including basketball, gymnastics, and karate. At 18, a knee injury made Sachin realize he had to rethink his training. “I was getting bigger, faster, stronger, and more powerful but my body was not aligned properly and this resulted in my ACL and meniscus tear.” Through that experience, Sachin decided to pursue a degree in Exercise Science to better understand general anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology functional anatomy, organic chemistry, biomechanics.

Sachin started at Maximum Sports Conditioning in 2012. He has trained a multitude of athletes, teams and clubs of varying sports, ages, and abilities. He continues to educate himself and stay up with the most innovative training modalities to optimize and maximize performance.